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Table 4 Baseline and ongoing data collection

From: Renal Athersosclerotic reVascularization Evaluation (RAVE Study): Study protocol of a randomized trial [NCT00127738]

Baseline data:
   • Blood pressure will be measured at each visit using the BpTru (VSM Technologies, Vancouver, Canada)
   • serum creatinine.
   • U/S abdomen for renal size and Doppler presence of renal artery stenosis
   • Percent function of both kidneys and change with captopril on renal scan
   • MR/CT angiography to determine presence or absence of renal artery stenosis
   • Med review
   • allergies
   • Past surgery, hospitalizations
   • Initial History and physical
   • Labs, urine/blood
   • ECG
Follow-up lab data: every 3 months
   • Urea and creatinine
   • Lipids q6 months
   • U/S annually for renal size