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Figure 1

From: Arterial line pressure control enhanced extracorporeal blood flow prescription in hemodialysis patients

Figure 1

Scatter-plot and prescription zones in catheters (group 1). Scatter-plot and prescription zones in Group 1: Y Axis Extracorporeal blood flow (Qb) (mL/min). X axis Dynamic Arterial Line Pressure (DALP) (mmHg). A Zone: Qb > 400 ml/min, DALP -250 to -200 mmHg; B Zone: Qb > 400 ml/min, DALP-199 to -100 mmHg; C Zone: Qb 300–399 ml/min, DALP -250 to -200 mmHg; D zone: Qb 300–399 ml/min, DALP-199 to -100 mmHg; E Zone: Qb < 300 ml/min, DALP -250 to -200 mmHg; F Zone: QS < 300 ml/min, DALP -199 to -100 mmHg. Ionic clearance value is shown in each zone (mL/min) with arrows.

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