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Table 6 Multivariate linear regression analysis adjusted for donor’s and recipient’s age of the independent risk factors associated with logarithmically transformed RTL as dependent variable

From: Effect of delayed graft function, acute rejection and chronic allograft dysfunction on kidney allograft telomere length in patients after transplantation: a prospective cohort study

Risk factor RTL 3–6 months RTL 12–60 months RTL 18–60 months
p value p value p value
DGF 0.089 * NS NS
AR NS NS 0.048*
CAD NS 0.02 * NS
  1. DGF – delayed graft function, AR – acute rejection, CAD – chronic allograft nephropathy, RTL – relative telomere length; p values calculated with general linear model.
  2. *negative association (risk factor associated with lower RTL).