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Table 1 Schedule of measurements and activities by visit for the PACE study

From: Rationale and design for the Predictors of Arrhythmic and Cardiovascular Risk in End Stage Renal Disease (PACE) study

  Baseline visit Follow-up (FU) Visits and Telephone (T) Contacts
  EV BV T4 T6 T8 FU12 T16 T18 T20 FU24 Up to FU48
Interviewer/Questionnaires §            
Informed consent           
Contact information         
Education and employment          
Vascular access          
Residual kidney function          
Dialysis prescription          
Dialysis adherence          
Pre-dialysis education          
Medical history         
Family history of CVD, SCD           
Female reproductive history          
Health, behaviour, social history         
Access to transplant         
Symptomatic CVD (Rose, KCQ)          
Physical activity          
Dietary questions & 24-hr recall      
Literacy (WRAT4)            
Cognition (Trails A&B, 3MS)          
Depression (PHQ9)          
Oral medications          
Height, weight, BMI, WHR          
Blood pressures          
Detailed amputation evaluation          
Frailty assessment          
CT calcium and angiography            
Pulse wave velocity          
12 lead & signal averaged ECG          
4 Limb ankle brachial          
Blood tests (fasting)            
Ionized calcium, magnesium          
Repository (DNA, RNA, blood, nails)          
Baseline charlson co-morbidity           
CMS-2728 medical evidence           
Hospitalizations Throughout the entire study period
CMS-2746 death notification Collect as needed
Dialysis routine bloods (monthly) Throughout the entire study period
Glucose, albumin            
Complete blood count            
Electrolytes (Na, K, Mg, CO2, Ca, Phos)*            
Intact PTH*            
Fe, TIBC, Ferritin, Aluminum*            
URR, spKt/V, nPCR*            
Dialysis treatments (weekly) ‡‡ Throughout the entire study period
Dry weight            
Dialysis bath (Ca, K, HCO3)*            
Prescription (duration, frequency, dialyzer)            
Pre and post weights            
Pre and post blood pressures (BP)            
Dialysis flow rate            
Blood flow rate            
Intravenous medications            
  1. §KCQ = Kansas City Questionnaire; KDQOL-36 = Kidney Disease Quality of Life 36 Item Instrument; WRAT4 = Wide Range Achievement Test 4th Edition; Trails A&B; 3MS = Modified Mini-Mental Status Exam; PHQ9 = Patient Health Questionnaire 9; ¶BMI = Body Mass Index; WHR = Waist Hip Ratio; Blood Pressure is collected as 3 seated Blood Pressures; ‡Collected as needed; *Na- sodium K- potassium; Ca- calcium; Phos- phosphorus; HCO3- bicarbonate; PTH- parathyroid hormone level; Fe- iron; TIBC- total iron binding capacity; URR- urea reduction ratio; nPCR- nitrogen protein catabolic rate; ‡‡Dialysis Machine Derived Parameters: BP-pre, BP-post, Lowest BP, Weight-pre, Weight-post, Intradialytic Weight Gain, & Average Blood Flow Rate.