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Table 2 The schedule, description and evaluation of the MSMP sequence-BAAB for patients with DKD

From: The impact of a multidisciplinary self-care management program on quality of life, self-care, adherence to anti-hypertensive therapy, glycemic control, and renal function in diabetic kidney disease: A Cross-over Study Protocol

    An multidisciplinary self-management program sequence BAAB
Weeks 1 & 41 Weeks 3 & 43 Weeks 5 & 45 Weeks 7 & 47 Weeks 9 & 49 Weeks 11 & 51 Weeks 12 & 52 Weeks 13, 27–28, 39–40, 52–54 Week 52–54
  Assessment and/or Intervention Medical visit & Screening Nurse Home Visit Nurse Teleph. follow-up Dietician Clinic Visit Nurse Home Visit Dietician Clinic Visit Nurse Telep. Follow-up Nurse Clinic Visit Medical Visit nephrologist or diabetologist End of the study
Enrollment Inclusion/Exclusion criteria X          
Information form X          
Randomization X          
Informed consent form X          
Treatment 1. Comprehensive initial assessment & evaluation of patients self-care deficits   X        Medical follow-up  
 Current Medications   X        
 Priority setting-one goal & contract signing   X        
2. Teaching & Training on self-care   X    X     
 Education on DKD      X     
 Education on the risk of hypoglycemia       X    
3. Counseling on self-care development      X X    
4. Guiding & support    X   X X    
5. Coordination of Care   X X X X X X X  
6. Follow-up & proactive monitoring    X   X   X   
Dietary plan and counseling     X     X  
Outcomes’ measurements Demographics   X         
Self-care behavior   X       X   X
Medication adherence   X       X   X
Quality of life   X       X   X
Serum cr, eGFR, urinary albumin/cr ratio   X       X   X
HbA1c   X       X   X
Resource utilization   X       X   X