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Table 3 Dietary regimens in CKD. The degree of protein and phosphorus restriction is mostly dependent on severity of renal insufficiency, whereas adequacy of energy intake and limitation in salt intake are generally prescribed. As body weight (bw) we refer to the ideal body weight, or to the adjusted weight (when applicable)

From: “Dietaly”: practical issues for the nutritional management of CKD patients in Italy

Dietary regimen Main composition features CKD stages
a) Healthy diet, according to WHO Protein: 0.8 g/Kg bw/day according to RDA. I, II, IIIa
Sodium according to WHO recommendation (2.3 g/day); Phosphorus according to RDA (700 mg/day)
b) Low Protein Diet (LPD) Protein: 0.6 g/Kg bw/day, whose 0.4 g/Kg of animal origin; Sodium: 2.3 g/day; Phosphorus < 700 mg/day IIIb, IV, V
c) Low Protein Vegan Diet Protein : 0.7 g/Kg bw/die, from grains and legumes; IIIb, IV
Sodium : 2.3 g/day; Phosphorus : < 700 mg/day
d) Supplemented Very Low Protein Diet (sVLPD) Protein: 0.3-0.4 g/Kg bw/day supplemented with EAAs and KAs IV, V
Sodium: 2.3 g/day, Phosphorus : 300–400 mg/day