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Table 5 Foods allowed and to avoid with sVLPD

From: “Dietaly”: practical issues for the nutritional management of CKD patients in Italy

Food included in the diet Food excluded from the diet
• Protein free products: pasta, biscuits, bread, breadsticks
• Grains (rice, corn, buckwheat)
• Vegetables, raw or cooked
• Fresh fruit or fruit in syrupa
• Jam, marmalade, sugar, honeya
• Olive oil, vegetable margarine
• Cream, butterb
• Spices and herbs
• meat, fish, sausages and cold cuts
• eggs
• milk and dairy products
• nutsc
• bread, breadsticks, biscuits, pasta and biscuits made with plain flour
• meat extracts
• soft drinks cola-based in particular
  1. aTo avoid in case of diabetes; bto avoid in case of overweight/obesity, cardiovascular diseases; cto avoid in case of hyperkaliemia