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Table 1 List of collected data

From: The Non-Dialysis Chronic Renal Insufficiency study (ND-CRIS): an open prospective hospital-based cohort study in France

Data collected At screening At inclusion At follow-up consultations At removal from the cohort
Age /Gender/ « department » socioprofessional status X    
Data of consultation X x X  
Creatinine levels x x X  
Diagnosis of kidney disease   X   
Risk factors, complications, hospitalisations   x X  
Clinical examination : weight, stature, blood pressure   x X  
Biological investigations : proteinuria, microalbuminuria, calcemia, phosphoremia, hémoglobin, 25 OHD3, PTH, ferritinemia, iron, saturation, CRF   x x  
Investigations, Imagery with contrasting substances    x  
Medication   x x  
Date of dialysis, method of dialysis, date of fistula instatement, patient information     x
Date of transplant, patient information     x
Death and cause     x
Other reason for removal from the cohort     x