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Table 3 Linear regression model showing associations of yearly decline in graft function in kidney transplanted patients (n = 137)

From: Is HRQOL in dialysis associated with patient survival or graft function after kidney transplantation?

  Yearly GFRa decline, ml/min/1.73 m2
  B p
Mental healthb, +10 points - 0.5 0.048
Agec,+10 years - 0.3 0.29
Gender, female 0,3 0.47
Comorbidityd, +1 point 0.4 0.32
  1. aGlomerular filtration rate. Higher values of yearly decline indicate more rapid loss of graft function from reference value one year after transplantation. bMental health measured in dialysis. cAge at time of transplantation. dCharlson comorbidity index without adding points for age