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Table 4 Reasons for non-placement of vascular access

From: Vascular access placement in patients with chronic kidney disease Stages 4 and 5 attending an inner city nephrology clinic: a cohort study and survey of providers

Limiting Factors Vascular Surgery Referral AV Access placement
Nephrologist Survey Observed by chart Review p-value Nephrologist Survey Observed by chart review p-value
Patients 88a% 15% <0.001 41% 18% 0.01
Nephrologists 6% 51% <0.001 6% 44% <0.001
Health system problemsb 6% 2% 0.19 41% 11% <0.001
Vascular surgeon NA NA NA 0% 0% NA
Stable GFRc NA 27% NA NA 20% NA
Others NA 5% NA 12d% 8% 0.5
  1. aPatient refusal (47%), patient non-compliance (29.4%) and patient not decided about modality of dialysis (11.8%); bHealth system problems include insurance problems and hospital system and appointment problems including time delay in waiting for surgery or appointment. cIt was not known to be a barrier at the time of survey hence was not included in survey; dActual answer: “I am not sure”; Abbreviation: NA-Not applicable