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Table 3 Enrichment analysis of genes in each functional interaction network module

From: Gene alterations in monocytes are pathogenic factors for immunoglobulin a nephropathy by bioinformatics analysis of microarray data

Module GeneSet FDR Genes
a Integration of energy metabolism(R) 8.62 × 10−5 STK11, GNG10, GNB4, PRKACA
a Morphine addiction(K) 8.62 × 10− 5 GNG10, GNB4, PDE4D, PRKACA
a Glutamatergic synapse(K) 1.39 × 10−4 GNG10, GNB4, PRKACA, GRIN3A
b GPCR ligand binding(R) 7.31 × 10−7 PTGIR, CCL20, LPAR6, FFAR2, FPR2, NTSR1, NPFF
b GPCR downstream signaling(R) 4.07 × 10−6 PTGIR, CCL20, LPAR6, FFAR2, GNA11, FPR2, NTSR1, NPFF
b Gastrin-CREB signaling pathway via PKC and MAPK(R) 6.99 × 10−6 LPAR6, FFAR2, GNA11, FPR2, NTSR1, NPFF
c overview of telomerase rna component gene hterc transcriptional regulation(B) 1.29 × 10−2 NFYB
c DNA Double Strand Break Response(R) 1.62 × 10−2 KDM4B
c Regulation of cholesterol biosynthesis by SREBP (SREBF)(R) 1.62 × 10−2 NFYB
d Alcoholism(K) 1.74 × 10−10 HIST1H2AC, HIST2H2BE, H2AFY2, HIST1H2BH, HDAC10, HIST3H2A
d Systemic lupus erythematosus(K) 6.92 × 10−9 HIST1H2AC, HIST2H2BE, H2AFY2, HIST1H2BH, HIST3H2A
d Chromatin modifying enzymes(R) 1.55 × 10−4 HIST2H2BE, HIST1H2BH, HDAC10
  1. FDR false discovery rate, R data from Reactome database, K data from KEGG database, B data from BioCarta database