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Table 6 Treatment costs. Mean annual treatment costs of patients choosing dialysis versus patients choosing conservative care, measured from treatment decision (part A). Mean annual treatment costs of patients started on dialysis—a subgroup of all patients choosing dialysis—measured from start of dialysis (part B)

From: Value-based evaluation of dialysis versus conservative care in older patients with advanced chronic kidney disease: a cohort study

A – from treatment decision Dialysis (n = 162) Conservative care (n = 100) Cost ratioa (95% CI) P value
 Costs per person year, € 28,353 5861 0.43 (0.28 to 0.67) <  0.001
B – from start of dialysis Started on dialysis (n = 84; 64 on HD; 20 on PD)    
 Costs per person year, € 54,907    
  1. HD haemodialysis, PD peritoneal dialysis
  2. aadjusted for age, sex, Davies comorbidity score, and estimated glomerular filtration rate