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Table 1 Ongoing efforts and suggestions for future areas of focus

From: Perceptions of nephrology among medical students and internal medicine residents: a national survey among institutions with nephrology exposure

Area of Concern Ongoing Efforts Potential Future Areas of Focus
Interest in subject matter Kidney STARS and Kidney TREKS Team-based learning and interactive renal physiology modules
KidneyCona Educational videos and mobile applications for renal physiology
ASN Innovations in Education contest Podcasts about nephrology careers
NephJC, NephMadnessb
Nephrology elective experience Outpatient dialysis elective Elective in transplantation
Exposure to critical care, interventional nephrology, and palliative care
Mentorship ASN Mentor-Mentee online curriculum Formal mentorship curriculum for faculty
Career Advancement ASN Communities forum
Kidney STARS and Kidney TREKS
Combined training opportunities Programs which offer sequential critical care and nephrology trainingc Additional combined training with critical care, interventional radiology, or geriatrics/palliative care
Job opportunities and financial compensation Improved J1 waiver job placements Procedural skills training
Hospital-based or dialysis organization-based employments Advanced career pathways and collaboration across disciplines
Work-life balance and burnout Restructured fellow call schedules Reduction of the electronic health record burden
Organizational platforms for open discussion and advocacy Development of improved comprehensive care models
Continued organizational initiatives to foster culture change
  1. Abbreviations: American Society of Nephrology (ASN), Students and Residents (STARS), Tutored Research and Education for Kidney Scholars (TREKS)
  2. aAnnual educational conference for trainees held in Little Rock, AR (
  3. bAnnual online educational competition (
  4. cUniversity of Texas at Southwestern, Mayo Clinic, University of Kentucky, Henry Ford Health System, et al.