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Table 3 Representative responses to the first open-ended questiona

From: Life and expectations post-kidney transplant: a qualitative analysis of patient responses

Patient Responses by Theme
Improved quality of life and return to normalcy
 “Better by far then dialysis, I can have a daily schedule.”
 “More freedom/time (no dialysis), able to work and return to routine daily life.”
 “I can work now without missing much of it because of dialysis”
 “Back to work not as tired.”
 “I am able to do more things with my family”
 “I feel better. No more dialysis. Looking forward to doing things I couldn’t do.”
 “It has been much better. I am happy I got it.”
 “I now have a life. I can participate in activities that I couldn’t before. Even with many med I feel great.”
 “I am able to feel human and alive again”
 “Happy to not be hooked up to dialysis anymore almost to a point I forget I ever was.”
 “No more dialysis!! Wonderful!!”
 “Alive, alert, rested, peaceful, engaged in my tasks, much more positive outlook, paying more attention to overall health. I CAN SEE RETIREMENT!!”
 “Not doing dialysis 10 h per day, taking more meds, more free time.”
Better health and more energy
 “I have been extremely healthy physically for 12 years now. So having health restored is an incredible experience. I appreciate life more.”
 “I feel awesome!!”
 “Overall better health + optimism”
 “I feel better all over. A feeling of well-being.”
 “More energy, clearer thinking, not sick daily, brighter outlook on life, happier”
 “I feel well the majority of the time”
 “More energy. Feel active. A normal active life.”
 “More energy + my outlook is more positive.”
Gratitude and corresponding sense of purpose or freedom
 “I live life, enjoy even the small things, feel blessed.”
 “Every single day is a gift”
 “more freedom (dialysis)”
 “Freedom to travel. Being in control of my destiny.”
 “More freedom but also more health problem (diabetes) type 2”
 “Feel better and free.”
 “Being able to travel without the formality of finding a clinic to dialyze in while out of state”
 “more time (no dialysis), no sense of doom.”
 “It has been the most wonderful gift I have ever gotten. It has given me back my freedom to travel.”
 “more purposeful, more appreciation.”
 “It has become full of more purpose. I feel I have been given a 2nd chance.”
 “More energy + my outlook is more positive.”
 “due to meds I am hospitalized 3–5 times a year. Moody. Able to travel some. Thankful for each day, life is short.”
Burdens of post-transplant regimens
 “Lots of meds”
 “Just taking more pills”
 “Quality of life is little changed, but it’s a hassle to take meds every 12 h.”
 “Not eating what I want continuously taking meds; feeling tired; afraid of losing my kidney.”
 “The only change has been the medication regimen. Over the term to date of my transplant I have taken more than 85,000 pills”
Worsened and less energy
 “No pep, tired”
 “Have slowed down, not as much energy. Sometimes just don’t care”
 “More stressful”
 “Radical Changes, Unable to work due to secondary problems from ESRD & Diabetes”
 “Yes, other conditions worse.”
No Change
 “It has not changed”
 “Not much”
 “Very little”
  1. aThe first question was “how has your life changed since having a kidney transplant?” Responses have been lightly edited to correct spelling errors