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Table 2 Comparison of clinical parameters in renal tissues PLA2R-positive and -negative groups

From: Relationship between renal tissues phospholipase A2 receptor and its serum antibody and clinical condition and prognosis of idiopathic membranous nephropathy: a meta-analysis

ParameterIncluded studiesModelPLA2R+(n)PLA2R-(n)P#I2MD/SMD95%CIzP*
eGFR2Fixed96270.450%8.08-1.53, 17.701.650.1
Serum creatinine2Random96270.880%-6.33-16.45, 3.801.220.22
24-hour urine protein2Random96270.580%0.7-0.74, 2.130.950.34
  1. #P value for heterogeneity test;*P value for statistical significance.
  2. MD mean difference, SMD standardized mean difference, CI confidence interval, eGFR estimated glomerular filtration rate