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Table 4 Semi-structured interview conducted over the phone with patients who completed the survey

From: Assessing success in transitioning of young adults from pediatric to adult kidney practice

No. Interview Question
1 What were the major differences you noticed between pediatric and adult care?
2 What were the major similarities you noticed between pediatric and adult care?
3 What’s the staff like at Lurie/NM?
4 What was your transition appointment at Lurie like?
5 How involved were your parents/caregivers?
6 When asked questions about your care, how’d you feel?
7 How was the timing of this appointment?
8 How was your waiting room experience at Lurie?
9 How was the environment at Northwestern Memorial Hospital?
10 How did you feel when asked questions at Northwestern Memorial?
11 What was your experience in the waiting room?
12 Did you experience anything unexpected?
13 What else could we have done to make your transition from pediatric care to adult care a good experience?