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Table 1 Study characteristics

From: Systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical outcomes comparison between different initial dialysis modalities in end-stage renal disease patients due to lupus nephritis prior to renal transplantation

StudyParticipants NumberDialysis modality
Median Age HD, PDEthnicity/RaceFollow-up time HD; PDPrimary study aimCountry of studyOutcome measure
Kang 2011 [13]5928, 1435, 41Not Reported5 ± 3; 5 ± 3 (Years)Long-term outcome of patients with ESRD secondary to SLE who are managed by different types of RRTsSouth KoreaLFR, IR, MR, PS
Tsai 2019 [19]9442, 1236.40, 33.20Not Reported6.30 ± 5.10; 6.00 ± 5.20 (Years)Long-term outcomes and survival rates of patients with ESRD caused by lupus nephritis who received 3 different modalities of renal replacement therapyTaiwanLFR, IR, MR, CVR, PS
Krane 1999 [20]197, 532, 3610 black, 2 Whites3 years; 3 yearsLupus activity among patients with ESRD due to SLE, who were either undergoing dialysis or had undergone transplantationUSALFR
Chang 2013 [21]1073813, 26042.60, 34.10Not reported≥ 3 months on RRT; ≥ 3 months on RRTMortality and the impact of dialysis modalities on the survival in SLE patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD).TaiwanIR, MR, CVR, PS
Weng 2009 [22]3614, 2248.70, 37.59Not reported126.83; 37 (Months)Comparing PD and HD outcomes between female SLE patients with ESRD due to lupus nephropathyTaiwanIR, CVR, MR, PS
Wu 2014 [23]19981640, 19639.30, 36.20Not Reported3.31 ± 3.87; 4.34 ± 3.05 (Years)Outcomes of patients with LN after progression to ESRD and to try to elucidate whether deferral of KT is necessary in the Chinese population.TaiwanMR, PS
Contreras 2014 [24]11,0231352, 135239,39Caucasian American; African American; Asian Americans; Other Americans.3 years; 3 years (Median)Comparing the mortality risk of ESRD patients with SLE initiating with PD versus HDUSAMR
Stock 1993 [31]66, 6Not AccessedNot AccessedNot AccessedDetermining if there was a difference in disease activity between treatment modalities, using patients as self-controlsUSALFR
Zhu 2009 [32]2910, 1934.50, 41.79Not Reported2 years; 2 yearsComparing 2-year outcome of ESRD in lupus nephritis patients in different dialysis modality.ChinaLFR, IR, MR, CVR, PS
Ntatsaki 2018 [16]36117, 9Not AccessedCaucasian; Afro–Caribbean; South Asian43 (Confidence interval13–49) (Months)Investigating the time spent on dialysis before RT and survival ollowing RT in a cohort of SLE patients.UKMR
Zhang 2016 [33]425314, 111Not AccessedEuropean; Maori and Pacific Islanders; Asian; Others3.80 Years (Median); 3.80 Years (Median)Comparing dialysis and transplant outcomes for patients with ESRD due to lupus nephritis to all other causesAustraliaMR
Levy 2015 [34]368308, 6043.50, 43.90Not Reported5 Years; 5 YearsDescribing the outcomes of SLE on chronic dialysisFranceMR, CVR
Mustapic 2013 [35]76, 1Not AccessedNot ReportedUp to 10 yearsEvaluating outcomes of pediatric patients with ESRD due to lupus nephritis and to determine has intensive specific treatment in SLE decreased incidence of ESRD and need for RRT, dialysis and kidney transplantation, in pediatric patients in the last 4 decades in CroatiaCroatiaMR
Kang 2010 [36]5928, 14Not Accessed 5 ± 3 Years; 5 ± 3 Years;Demonstrating the long-term outcome of lupus patients that underwent different RRTs including kidney transplantationSouth KoreaLFR, CVR
Oliveira 2012 [37]5011, 2Not AccessedNon-Caucasians11 Months;30 MonthsDetermining the epidemiological profile and outcome of patients with LN undergoing renal transplantation.BrazilLFR, MR
Lee 2003 [38]2620, 6Not AccessedNot recorded57.50 ± 4.20 MonthsInvestigating the long-term prognosis of 26 SLE patients who started regular dialysis at a Chinese hospital whose stay exceeded a 3-month duration.TaiwanMR
  1. Abbreviations: IR infection risk, LFR lupus flare risk, CVR cardiovascular events risk, MR mortality risk, PS patients survival, LN lupus nephritis, RRT renal replacement therapy, SLE systemic lupus erythematosus, RT renal transplant, PD peritoneal dialysis, HD hemodialysis