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Table 2 Distribution of educational practices at the patient’s level and at the center’s level

From: Effects of educational practices on the peritonitis risk in peritoneal dialysis: a retrospective cohort study with data from the French peritoneal Dialysis registry (RDPLF)

CovariatesAll patients
(N = 1035)
Number of centers
(N = 53)
Practice used in more than 75% of cases in the center
Delay between education and catheter placementMore than 30 days prior33532.3723.77
Within 30 days65363.091732.07
After catheter placement474.5400
Education provided by specialized nurseYes96793.434890.57
Use of a written supportYes90787.634279.25
Use of an evaluation gridYes62560.392649.06
Use of an audio supportYes22121.3523.77
Theory learningNo141.3500
Education started withTheory26925.9959.43
hands-on training1009.6611.88
Both hands-on training and theory66664.352547.17
  1. A practice was arbitrarily defined as standardized in a given center if the practice was used in more than 75% of the registered cases of the center