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Table 3 Association of Overweight with Postoperative AKI

From: Association of overweight with postoperative acute kidney injury among patients receiving orthotopic liver transplantation: an observational cohort study

OutcomeModel 1Model 2Model 3
OR (95%CI)P ValueOR (95%CI)P ValueOR (95%CI)P Value
 Normal weight1 (reference) 1 (reference) 1 (reference) 
 Underweight0.360 (0.083–1.570)0.1740.240 (0.051–1.140)0.0730.219 (0.045–1.063)0.059
 Overweight1.745 (0.962–3.168)0.0671.820 (0.985–3.363)0.0561.781 (0.962–3.297)0.066
 Obese2.200 (0.586–8.260)0.2432.522 (0.633–10.052)0.1902.427 (0.608–9.684)0.209
Severe AKI (stage 2/3)
 Normal weight1 (reference) 1 (reference) 1 (reference) 
 Overweight2.266 (1.290–3.980)0.0042.560 (1.401–4.678)0.0022.539 (1.389–4.642)0.002
 Obese2.487 (0.818–7.559)0.1083.741 (1.119–12.510)0.0323.705 (1.108–12.388)0.033
  1. Note: - not available
  2. Model 1 was unadjusted
  3. Model 2 was adjusted for a priori defined variables based on literature research and clinical relevance (female gender, CTP score, MELD score, pre-existing CKD, pre-existing DM, preoperative Scr, requirement of vasopressors, postoperative peak AST, Tacrolimus)
  4. Model 3 was adjusted for the same variables as model 2 and for potential confounding factors based on univariate analyses (female gender, preoperative Scr, preoperative lactic acid, intraoperative RBC transfusion)