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Table 1 Chart enumerating details of 4 recent case reports of COVID-19 patients who had renal biopsies. M male, AA African-American, S. Cr serum creatinine, UPCr urine protein-creatinine ratio, DM diabetes mellitus, HTN hypertension, AKI acute kidney injury, CKD chronic kidney disease, UA urinalysis, ATI acute tubular injury, ATN acute tubular necrosis, LM light microscopy, IF immunofluorescence, Neg negative, CG collapsing glomerulopathy or collapsing-type focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, EM electron microscopy, ITEDD immune-type electron-dense deposits, APOL1 apolipoprotein 1

From: Spectrum of podocytopathies in new-onset nephrotic syndrome following COVID-19 disease: a report of 2 cases

Published reports Age/Sex/Ethnicity Renal-associated signs & symptoms Pre-existing disease(s) Recent NSAID use Renal biopsy findings APOL1 gene testing
Larsen et al. [5] (1 case) 44/M/AA AKI with S. Cr of 4.0 mg/dl, UA positive for blood and protein, spot UPCr 3.9 g/g Poorly-controlled type 2 DM, HTN, dyslipidemia, CKD Not known LM: CG, ATI/ATN
IF: Neg
EM: severe FPE, no ITEDD present, occasional TRIs within glomerular endothelial cytoplasm
Peleg et al. [6] (1 case) 46/M/AA AKI with S. Cr of 12.5 mg/dl, nephrotic-range proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia Obesity, OSA Yes (ibuprofen) LM: CG, ATI/ATN,
IF: Neg
EM: Sample contained no glomeruli; tubules showed epithelial injury and protein reabsorption droplets but no virions
Kissling et al. [7] (1 case) 63/M/AA AKI with S. Cr of 4.4 mg/dl, massive proteinuria (5 g/l) and hypoalbuminemia HTN Not known LM: CG, ATI/ATN,
IF: Neg
EM: no ITEDD present, numerous spherical particlesa within podocyte cytoplasm and within intracytoplasmic vacuoles seen
Not done
Couturier et al. [8] (2 cases) a. 53/M/AA
b. 53/M/AA
a. AKI with S. Cr of 166 μmol/L (1.8 mg/dl), proteinuria and UPCr 564 mg/mmol (4.9 g/g)
b. AKI with S. Cr of 470 μmol/L (5.3 mg/dl), proteinuria and 154.7 mg/mmol (1.3 g/g)
a. HTN
b. HTN, untreated chronic hepatitis B
a. Not known
b. Not known
a. LM: CG
IF: Segmental glomerular deposits of IgM and C3 only
EM: Not described
IF: Segmental glomerular staining for C3 only
EM: Not described
a. Positive
b. Positive
  1. aWhile the authors have described these as intra-cellular virions, few other authors have disputed these findings and have labeled them as normal intra-cellular organelles (see both Discussion and references [9] and [10])