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Table 1 Characteristics of GBS cases associated with renal cell carcinoma

From: Guillain-Barre syndrome: a typical paraneoplastic syndrome in a kidney transplant recipient with allograft renal cell carcinoma: a case report and review of the literature

Type of renal cell carcinoma Clinical manifestation Time of GBS onset before diagnosis Reference
Papillary paresthesia, numbness and symmetric progressive weakness of lower limbs 3 weeks Presented manuscript
Clear cell progressive gait disturbance and muscle weakness one month Nishioka K et al. [5]
Clear cell progressive weakness, sensory changes, and urinary retention one year Yang I et al. [6]
Papillary numbness bilaterally in her feet, hands, and lips; difficulties with balance and manipulating objects with her hands three months Allen JA et al. [20]
Clear cell muscle weakness and fasciculations in the upper extremities five months Turk HM et al. [21]
Clear cell diplopia, dysarthria, dysphagia, and bilateral lower extremity weakness “fulminant”, not specified Roy MJ et al. [22]
Clear cell facial palsy and progressive weakness of both arms and legs not specified, month since symptoms aggravated Alimonti A et al. [23]
Not specified progressive respiratory and limb muscle weakness three weeks Forman D et al. [24]
Not specified atypical, progressive neuropathy after nephrectomy two months Kim et al. [25]
Not specified motor neuron disease not specified Evans et al. [26]