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Table 4 Themes, subthemes and nurses’ answers to the open questions in the study conducted to evaluate their experience with the use of telemedicine in a home dialysis program

From: Evaluation of the experience with the use of telemedicine in a home dialysis program—a qualitative and quantitative study




Ease of use of the technology

Nurses’ responses regarding the ease of using the telemonitoring technology

N1: “It was a new thing. I was anxious, nervous, didn’t know how to explain it to the patients, didn’t know if they’d like it. In my case, the patients always wanted to talk to the doctor, but I felt watched….”

N2: “A sensational, simple thing. It was the first time I did it, and I liked it. It will greatly change the form of care.”


Nurses’ response regarding the ease of communicating with the doctor

N2: “With the weekly monitoring, I felt more confident. It was complementary. The doctor was with me the whole time, giving instructions, providing assistance.”

Quality of the synchronous telemonitoring visits

Nurses’ responses regarding care quality during telemonitoring

N3: “I thought it was a seven-headed monster, but it was easy. The visit was short and objective, and the questions asked (by the patients) were answered. The patients needed it; it gave them confidence.”

N2: “…something new is coming. It gives more confidence to the staff and patients. I liked it very much.”

Comparisons with face-to-face visits

Nurses’ responses regarding the comparison of telemonitoring with face-to-face doctor visits

N4: “Seeing the doctor once a month is too little. Telemedicine came as a complement for providing quality care.”

N6: “Good experience, very helpful, I liked it, I found it very appropriate, but I think the face-to-face visit with the doctor is very important.”