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Table 2 Primary and Secondary Endpoints for the Interventions Made to Preserve Cognitive Function Trial (IMPCT)

From: Interventions Made to Preserve Cognitive Function Trial (IMPCT) study protocol: a multi-dialysis center 2x2 factorial randomized controlled trial of intradialytic cognitive and exercise training to preserve cognitive function

Primary Endpoint(s) 3-month change in executive function measured using the Trail Making Test Part A (TMTA) and Part B (TMTB). Executive function is measured as TMTB-TMTA.
Secondary Endpoint(s) 1. Secondary cognitive measures (change in)
a. 6-month executive function (TMTB-TMTA)
b. 3- and 6-month executive function (additional measures)
c. 3- and 6-month memory
d. 3- and 6-month global cognitive function
2. ESKD-specific clinical measures
a. Measured physical function
b. Number of falls
c. Hospitalization
d. Mortality
e. Return to work
f. Amputation
3. Patient-centered outcomes
b. Anxiety
c. Depression
d. Fatigue
e. Pain interference
f. Perceived physical function
g. Sleep disturbance
h. Ability to participate in social roles and activities